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October 2015 - The Old Tannery

Track Mounted Cherry Picker

We were contacted by HMS Property Management with regards to one of the blocks of flats they look after. They already had a window cleaning company, carrying out regular cleans, although the work was unsatisfactory.

The problem lies in that all the windows have safety bars and pigeon wire covering a third of the windows. The current contractors were cleaning the build using the reach and wash system from the ground and not being able to get behind the bars and pigeon wire. After viewing the site and premises, we realised that the only way to resolve this problem was to access all the windows using a track mount cherry picker, which would enable us to reach all parts of the window frame and sills. This job is now an on-going contract for High Spec Window Cleaning.

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September 2015 - Old Mill

Welcome Back Old Mill

High Spec is very pleased to accept the Old Mill Hotel back on our books! Due to a change of Ownership approximately 8 months ago, we unfortunately lost the window cleaning contract. The new owners also managed another Hotel only a few miles away and decided to use their existing window cleaners, with whom they already had a good relationship. Although the new Owners were present, the original management team remained in place at the Old Mill Hotel, who realised that the window cleaners were not providing as good a service as we had previously given. Consequently, within time, the new Owners contacted us and asked us to take the contract back on, which we happily accepted.

Before and after pictures below:

External Cleaning External Cleaning
External Cleaning

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September 2015 - Retirement Village

This was our other big project this week.

This large 36 house retirement village is set in stunning grounds in Wiltshire. This is our second visit to the site and is now an on-going contract for High Spec. After many years of the site being cleaned traditionally by hand, we were contracted in and now all the hard to reach areas can be cleaned to a high standard, using our modern reach and wash system. This picture below just goes to show the level of commitment that our team will go to, to reach the best standard of cleaning possible, at each individual site.

External Cleaning
External Cleaning

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September 2015 - Amesbury CE Primary School

Windows Not Cleaned For 5 Years!

This job required a thorough clean inside and out. Unfortunately due to 2 days of almost solid rain, we concentrated on the inside, which had not been cleaned for more than 5 years, so was really dirty! The staff were really pleased with the job - all fresh for the start of the new term. Hopefully this will be a long term contract for High Spec Window Cleaning.

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August 2015 - Reach and Wash

Window Cleaning with Advanced Pure Water Technology

In this first article we highlighting some of the benefits of our window cleaning system with advanced pure water technology.

Environmentally Friendly. The Reach and Wash system effectively absorbs dirt from windows, frames, cladding and signs, eliminating the need for toxic cleaning chemicals or detergents. Reach and Wash uses only 100% pure de-ionized water.

Windows stay cleaner for longer. As there is no detergent residue your windows will atract less dirt and grime.

Reduced Disturbance. With no ladders or heavy access equipment needed, Reach and Wash is less intrusive than conventional cleaning methods, and the privacy of building occupants is secure.

Access Difficult Areas with Ease. Sensitive lawn and garden areas are preserved, since our 70ft poles simply reach over them to clean previously inaccessable areas.

Cost Effective. With no labour intensive ladder work, cleaning can be completed quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Safe. All operations are carried out from ground level, greatly increasing the safety of your staff, the general public and our operators.

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External Cleaning

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